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Meltdown program

I just started this program and I definitely felt it. Although doing it as layed out it only takes 20-30 minutes. I find it hard to believe that I can make gains from such a short workout. Also not much emphasis on the upper body. Any feedback from anyone that has done this program?

Oh! I thought you could help me… oops

In two weeks I have gained 3.5 lbs and lost 3% bf. As far as upper body the pullups, dips, and pushpulls are rocking my world.

Are you using the T-dawg diet that is recommended?


My girlfriend is kicking butt on the Meltdown program. She started Meltdown at 137lbs @ 25%BF with a goal to get weight down to 123lbs @ 16%BF in 6 weeks. After 3 weeks on Meltdown she’s lost 10 lbs with no loss of muscle mass (127lbs @ 19%BF). She loves it. Takes her 25 minutes to complete workout. I’m not surprised with your progress. Keep up the good work.

Yes, T-dawg diet plus 200g no carb isopure, 10g ceatine (triple fusion) and 3 scoops surge I am in my third week of a 38 week diet and lifting progression and so far so good.

week 1-5 meltdown/t-dawg
week 6-21 get buffed/taper diet
week 22-31 growth surge/massive eating
week 32-38 fat to fire/fat fast

What kind of program would be beneficial to follow after a program of this type say after 4-5 weeks ?

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I was thinking of doing steroid dieting with mag 10 combined with meltdown training. Do you think that would be a waste of the mag 10, as oppossed to traditional hypertrophy training, combined with cardio. Also it seems that there isn’t much in chest exercises or hamstring.