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Meltdown physiology

I was reading through elite fitness, and I came across references to Lactic acid training. From what I understand of what I read, and a few pms with BigMartin, Westside uses lactic acid training to bring up their conditioning, so that their bodies can better tolerate and fluch lactic acid from their systems. My only previous exposure to lactic acid training was through the German Body Comp, and the Meltdown programs. If I remember correctly, Poliquins theory was that the elevated levels of LA would cause your body to increase its’ production of GH, thus leading to decreases in body fat. I also remember that T.C. didn’t really buy it, all he knew was that it worked. Any thoughts on this? Does lactic acid have some effect on bodyfat, or is it the fact that these programs burn a ton of calories? I’d like to research this a bit more, but I don’t even know where to start. Does anyone have any recommendations of good texts on exercise physiology? I tried Amazon, and got like 3000+ results. Can anyone help me narrow the field? Thanks.