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Meltdown Part 2

Okay, i have heard enough about the pros/cons of Meltdown 1’s high rep training. I’m really interested in the thoughts on the new Meltdown 2 program.

doin’ the bump

well i tried meltdown 2 and found it not doable. The 15 second rest is just too low to be performing at 90% max levels. I know i’m not in great shape cardio wise but i can still run the 100 meters in under 11 secs. Plus you are hitting the whole body with big movements. I have no problem with the movements just the loads and the rest. I know Don Alessi’s plan was to stimulate the type IIb fibers but it’s like you are doing a powerlifting routine for the whole body with medium volume, 60 reps. Also you need to have a good set up and some room at the gym. At my gym it gets kind of difficult. I will not give up on it though. I might modify it by lowering the loads a little maybe to 80-85% and add a little more rest. All i know is my heart was pounding in between sets and i was constantly sweating bullets. People were looking at me in amazement while i was doing this crazy routine. I like the challenge though and i believe the principals. laters pk