Meltdown ouchies

I am getting serious shoulder joint pain from doing meltdown 1. Now this has never happened before but I Am guess the mix of increased boxing training is taking it’s toll. I just started mag10 this week in order to drop my calories real low and shed the fat before my next fight. Should I decrease the load and just increase the sets or what? I don’t want to stop the mag10 cycle so if anyone has any ideas how to save my shoulders I would be very grateful! Maybe do 2 days melt down and 2 days of the bear plus conditiong drills? Help a brotha’out!


My gut feeling (based on years of injuries) is that you need to drop shoulder and chest for a week or so.

Either can affect the shoulder (well, even chinning can affect the shoulder if your alignment is way off) and if you know which one it is you could just skip that.

You can improvise around this, so you don’t have to stop your cycle.

Sometimes just switching to something new and using too much weight or volume can mess you up.

It’s better (IMHO) to work into a new program with a 2-week warm-up/adjust microcycle with low weights and volume to find your groove. Then go BTTW.

Of course, as you age this becomes even more important.

Hope that helps (though it’s probably not what you wanted to hear).