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Meltdown or TBT?


A couple of weeks ago I finsished my diet. I started at 13% and finished at 6,5%. Now after 14 days, I am up to around 8,5%

It is the beginning of summer here, and I want to look lean. Any advice on my next program?

I was thinking on Meltdown training (but I am not sure if this is so good when you are under 10%). Alessi claims you can build muscles and lose fat on this program.

Alternative 2, is following TBT (has been very good packing on mass and strength winther time), and eat around 200 grams of carbs on training days, 250-300 grams of protein, 50 gram of fat. Carbs on morning and after training.

And only 50 grams of carbs on non training days.

Ok, I am natural and want to build muscles and lose fat..a hard combination I now. But with smart timing of carbs I think maybe it is possible. Meltdown or TBT?

Any opinions?


hey man. congrats on the diet! mad props for that. just wanted to warn you if you do meltdown. i literally "tried" it for 2-3 weeks and it totally kicked my ass. i had been doing Waterbury's outlaw program for the 7 weeks prior. when that was over, i went right into meltdown for 2 full weeks. after those 2 weeks, i was totally dead and drained. that workout program kicked my ass so hard. i really cant explain it, but i can understand WHY it gets its name and that it definately probably works when executed till the end.

so just wanted to give you a warning if you try it. i'm not sure what your body and system are at right now after the Velocity Diet. be careful!

best of luck,


Bring a bucket to puke in if you want to do meltdown :wink:


Seriously. I was hugging a PUBLIC TOILET like I had partied way too hard.

I felt sick for 20 full minutes before it lifted.


A good plan I use to stay lean is to pick 4 movements, A1; Day 1: Weighted dips,weighted pull-ups. A2; front squats and deadlifts. I perform these movements in an EDT style(15 minutes per pr). Day 2 A1; Weighted push-ups, weighted rev. push-ups with chains and sigle hand cable attachments. A2; Lunges and stiffleg deadlifts.You may repeat each day twice a week or throw a full body day in between.exp. Mon,Wed,Fri. I change it up all the time. It really works well for me.


I did Meltdown for 8 weeks and it works. I lost 16 lbs of fat & gained 7 lbs of muscle. True, it'll kick your ass. I did TBT afer Meltdown & gained 2 lbs of muscle in 5 weeks.



a busket is necessary equipment for meltdown training.