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Meltdown or OVT for Fat Loss?

Ok, I was all prepared to start Meltdown on Monday, but after reading Christian T’s OVT program and hearing his great fat loss results while on it, I find myself second-guessing my decision.

While I seem to respond well to higher volume routines, I am also concerned about overtraining. I’ll be doing the T-Dawg with 2,300 cal daily (although I might drop below that depending on my progress), and I don’t really eat that many carbs when not dieting, so the lack of carbs shouldn’t be too much of a shock to my system.

With that, and knowing that OVT is new and hasn’t been tried by those here, does anyone think this undertaking would be a particularly bad idea? There’s an ongoing discussion right now in other threads about whether 5x5 or Meltdown is better for fat loss, and OVT looks like 5x5 on steroids to me. Any thoughts about this? I may post this on Christian’s forum too, but wanted to get some feedback here first. Thanks all.

My vote would be for OVT with some morning HIIT or jump rope sessions on 2 out of the 3 off days.