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Meltdown, Meltdown, Meltdown!

Anyone else hitting Meltdown I right now? I just started my second venture with it…this is some brutal shit. Anywho, what is everyone using for the lactic acid interval training? When I did it back in Feb, I started with the jump rope, and got very little out of it. Then I took a cue from jman and used the AirDyne and couldn’t believe how much this kicked my ass. I’m thinking while the weather is still decent I’m going to do 400 m. sprints this time, then when indoor soccer starts, I will just use that. Anyone have a preference as to which method they get the most out of?

MOnty, I am just starting my second week of meltdown training 1. I am also on the T-dawg diet.(eating 750 below maintenance) I am seeing some good results so far. I have lost 7.5 pounds since starting the diet with half of it coming since I started meltdown. The other half coming from 3 weeks of GVT 2000. It sure is a bitch though. I love the looks I get from the people when I am dragging my ass from exercise to exercise and they are wondering why I could possibly be doing squats and chins on the same day, with out rest no less!!! I think all the people in my gym need to read t-mag. Anyway I haven;t started the lactic acid training yet as i’m only on the second week. Do you start it right from day one?? also what is an airdyne? thanks, :slight_smile: Groove

What up, gt! In the original program the intervals don’t start until Week Three, but I’m on the final phase of my diet with two weeks left, plus I’ve got to get in cardiovascular shape for indoor so I’m starting it the second week. The Airdyne is that stationary bike that Schwinn makes where the handles move too, so you’re working the upper body too. I freaking thought I was going to die when I used this for the intervals…can you say “white buffalo” (or is it elephant)? Yeah, the people at my gym for the most part are fucking clueless…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done something and someone comes up and asks what the hell I’m doing. I love freaking people out. I hate those walking lunges more than anything…I get the lactic acid the worst with those than any of the other exercises. Just gotta get the reps up on chins and dips. I’m doing 2 low-cal days (1900 @ bw of 160) with a day at 2400 or so, as recommended by Don Alessi. I totally believe in the zig-zag approach. Best of luck with it…I stuck it out for four weeks the first time around…these early morning weight sessions are a bitch though…I just ordered some acetyl l-carnitine and PS so we’ll see if this is as good as Poliquin and Alessi say it is.

Oh, yah kind of interval training sounds tough. I encountered the biggest loser ever at my gym about a week ago. This guys is not very big, and I would estimate his BF% at somewhere around 25%(judging by the rolls coming out of his string tank top uuuugh) I have a hunch he is on steroids but he may just naturally have really bad body acne. Anyway I was waiting to use the lat pulldown and he happened to be using it. He put the weight up to about 190(probably less than his BW)and banged out 3 whole reps. At first I gave him the benifit of the doubt that maybe he was doing heavy training with low reps, but when he continued doing this for 17 more sets(25 minutes) I realized he was an idiot. what really got me was that at the end of his three(partial) reps he would start pulling down and getting it about a quarter of the way. He would continue pulling in vain for seriously 1 minute(longer than his friggen set)all the while grunting like he was passing a kidney stone. When he couldn;t get the last rep he would let the weight slam back down and would get up and start swearing at himself really loudly. Man I wanted to kick the shit out of this guy. Why are these people bothering to lift weights at all?
:slight_smile: Groove

What is everyone doing for post-workout after the intervals? I saw Joel’s recommendations in his article, and if I read Don Alessi’s correctly, it was something like 50 g. Grow w. 20 g. BCAA’s. That could get expensive real quick, especially considering I’m also taking Acetyl L-carnitine/PS and doing 30 g. BCAA’s during the weight portion. I just started w. the pre-workout recommendation of 10 g. combined glutamine/BCAA’s…I would think this would be enough. I just don’t get a lot out of the 60 sec. jump rope intervals as fast as humanly possible, which is funny because whenever I do Renegade Rope, it kicks my ass.