meltdown + mag10

I was going to give steroid dieting a try with mag 10, do you think its a waste of mag 10 to do meltdown training with, as opposed to a traditional hypertrophy program plus cardio. Even if fatloss it the goal I bet I could build some muscle If this is my first time using mag 10.

Unless you tell us your size, body composition and diet info, no one can really answer you question very well.

5’8" 215lbs 16% BF. I have been using JMB recommendations with more P+F meals 2 carb 3 fat meals but I’m not getting leaner. The only time I lean out is when I use high protein diets usually beverly style. Keto diets don’t work well for me.

What is Beverly Style? I’ve heard that term several times on here, but I don’t know what kind of diet that is.

IMO, MAG-10 will allow you to gain as much muscle as you provide calories to grow. If you train hard (I think an all out effort using MAG-10 would be a good enough stimulus) and eat hypocalorically, MAG-10 will help you maintain your current mass while losing a ton of fat, but you likely won’t build much new size. If you eat at maintenance, you can lose some fat and gain some muscle. If you eat big, you will gain a lot of muscle and little to no fat. It is the extent of your caloric deficit or overload that determines what kind of progress you will make while using MAG-10. So, I can’t really answer your original question. You just need to eat correctly to suit your goals.