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Meltdown II

Thinking of adding meltdown II to my boxing training to help with strength. After I read the article I was a bit confused when it stated that muscle gain is part of it. Well I cannot afford to gain muscle mass because of making weight before boxing matches. Can someone answer this? would meltdown II be a better fit? I need to shed some fat, is the reason for the interest in Meltdown II. Also, the no carb diet will not work as I need energy for the ring to not get wooped. thanks fellas…

just bumping this up for a response!

What is your current BF%? Meltdown may be a bit much, with your boxing traning. I personally like 5x5 or renegade style training.

current BF is at 6.7%! I tried and have done renegade style and I think I gained some weight but got leaner, so that was rough on the scales for me. So you think Meltdown II is not the way to go huh? please respond with more info this is helping out and shedding light…

Just need some more info on weights fellas!

You can still train Renegade style, use kcaloric manipulation to control your body composition and overall body weight.

I would definitely stick to renegade or 5x5. Like renegade chef said, keep your calories at maintenance. If you see your weight start to go up, you need to cut them back. You are going to have to find your groove. If you need to keep a log, do so till you find it.