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meltdown I

luv meltdown I. going great! however i have a problem w/overhead lifts & bad shoulders.

any suggestions to replace push press w/out an overhead lift?

Scratch, that exercise, of course, is for your shoulders, specifically your deltoids. Are there any machines you’ve used in the past for your shoulders that don’t cause you a problem?

Tampa Terry, thanks for the reply. I work out in my basement & have db’s from 5-150 & power rack & several benches w/olympic set-up.

problem is bad shoulders & doc said stay away from overhead lifts. already had surgery on right shoulder & trying to avoid on left one.

i need to replace the push press with another movement w/free weights.

any ideas? i am down 2lbs using meltdownI & t-dawg 2 & loving it. rest of the program w/squats, deads, pullups… is going great.

Scratch, no, I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas. With any luck someone smarter than me will respond.

If you haven’t looked into it, do some research on ART (Applied Release Technique) by Dr. Lowrey here on this site. That may be just the ticket to fixing your shoulder.

Although its not another form of overheads try some side lateral raise instead of push press.

On a side note Tampa - Terry is right about ART, you should give that a try.