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Meltdown I Questions

Greetings…just a couple quick Meltdown questions. First, the deadlifts. Normally I do not use lifting straps ever on these, but I am finding that my grip is giving out way before my legs/lower back. I do want to strengthen my grip though. What do the rest of you do…straps or no straps? Also, on the barbell rows, do you do them standard style or with the EZ bar and the supinated grip? I saw in another article that this is how Alessi recommended doing them. Finally, the rope work. Have any of you done the rope sessions from the get-go, or are you waiting until Week 3 as prescribed in the original program. Thanks for any help!

i did not use straps but gripping was def a problem… i dint kdo my rope work till week 3…and it was pretty damn easy… i cut the rest time substantially and it still wasn’t hard. i was looking for it to be very hard because the workout itself is so hard.

If you want to strengthen your grip, why would you ever use straps?