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Meltdown I Anybody?


Just wanted to see if anyone here has done the meltdown I program. Also, what kind of gains if any (strength, size) were made as well as body comp. changes?


I tried it a little while back. It terms of strenthg gains, I saw only my endurance improve (not really my maximal strength). But, regarding size and definition, I'd say it was a success (for the few weeks I could stand it). I noticed significant increases in vascularity and overall definition, however this could be correlated to the fat loss I experienced.

All in all, I didn't like Meltdown that much for fat loss, strength, or size as compared to CW's HFT, which allowed me to lose noticeable amounts of fat, add 10 to 30 lbs to ALL of my lifts, and gain a good amount of muscle while adding 5 lean pounds.

Plus, Meltdown is a f*$#ing pain in the butt when your used to lifting in the <13 rep range with any kind of rest periods.


I lost fat and gained muscle, something that didn't happen when I tried a fat-loss program before that, Real Fast Fat Loss (search here). My blog has more details. Good program.


is HFT really the way to go for fat reduction? It seems like you would burn out pretty fast with calories anywhere near or below maintenance.


Were you eating below maint or above?


Since this thread is talking about caloric intake now, I was doing carb cycling. I ate 1,000 carbs, sometimes more, below maintenance Mondays-Fridays and the weekend was refeeding, usually a little over maintenance. Just take
Surge and BCAA's during the workouts and you'll get through them.


As in 1,000 grams of carbs a day? Wow, it seems like the program worked out for you but thats a shit load of carbs...I am doing this with T-dawg 2.0 right now and it seems to be working out fairly well so far


Greetings-I am also in week to of MD I, and also using T-Dawg 2.0. Seems to be working great thus far. I have done a similar program in the past and lost a boat load of fat and got ripped to shreds, so I am putting my faith that this one will do the same (hopefully while retaining much more LBM than last). How far along are you? I am at the beginning of week #2. Just my 2.


LOL, sorry, typo! I meant 1,000 calories below maintenance. This is what happens when I go on a posting binge. :smiley: