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Meltdown Fat Loss Training

I have few questions about this program. I tried day one today of this program. Man I was huffin and puffin like I just got done doing wind sprints in football.

I’m the classic on again off again lifter. In college I did the cybergenics thing and I gained a lot of muscle. I think it was the hard training myself.

Then If you remember way back when there was the Serious Growth by Leo Costa Jr. I did that too but I gained weight from eating so much. 8000 calories a day. OUCH (circa 1993)

Then I didn’t work out for years until EAS came out with their contest. I worked my ass off on that program. I lost bodyfat but nothing like the transformation in the pictures (which after reading t mag articles I know are bogus).

So here I am again fat and out of shape. However, this time it’s different I need to lose the weight for health reasons. In my prime I was 240 at 11% bodyfat. Drugfree!

Anyhow, in the Meltdown training I couldn’t finish the workout with 2 minute rests. Am I better off to lighten the weight so I can keep pace?

Is the pace of the workout more important?



Walleye, be willing to experiment a little. That’s the beauty of all the many programs on T-mag. Myself, I’m an advocate of the compound, multi-joint exercises. If you haven’t lifted a in while, start with higher reps, lay a foundation and focus on form. You need to make sure you strengthen tendons, ligaments and joints before starting to lift heavy.

Include a little steady state cardio on your off days. Start slowly and just get back in the routine.

Finally, take a look at T-Dawg 2.0. It’s an awesome diet. If you run the numbers correctly, you should get consistent, steady weight loss with little to know feelings of deprivation. And if you need help running the numbers, just let me know.

Anyway, I wish you all the best. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I second what TT said. Definitely check out T-dawg 2.0 and invest in some hot rox, you wont be sorry! Also you may want to check out Staley’s EDT for fat loss program to help build up your conditioning…

Thanks guys,

I have been working out again for about two weeks. My body adapts very quickly so my soreness is gone and my strength is up.

I’ve been eating 6-8 small meals a day like the T-Dawg. I consume most of my carbs after my workout.

I don’t get hungry eating this often. In fact, I almost have to force myself to eat every 3 hours.

Currently I’m 6’2" 300 pounds about 28% bodyfat. I want to lost at least 70 lbs of fat.

What are my calorie / protein requirements?

If I take Hor Rox can I lower my daily intake of calories?

Are the Meltdown 1,2, and 3 training programs and the TDawg my best choice?

Am I looking at a year to do this?

I should take some before pictures but I’m embarrassed about how fat I got!

Thanks for your help guys.

Hey, there, again!

If you’re 300 pounds at 28% BF, that means you have 216 pounds of LBM (Lean Body Mass). I use LBM when calculating protein requirements. Multiply LBM x 1.5g of protein, which ends up being 324g of protein. If you divide that by 6 meals, you need to get 54g of protein per meal. Since the number is so high, I’d really like to see you get in 8 meals a day, which brings the number down to 40g of protein per meal.

To calculate fat requirements, take LBM and multiply it by .4g to .5g. That’s 86g to 108g of fat per day. That fat should come from fish oil first. You want to get in 10g of EPA/DHA. I like Health from the Sun Ultra Omega 3. You need to be getting 2.5 tablespoons per day of the liquid. Try taking in 1 or 2 teaspoons per meal. Read up on high dose fish oil. What a lot of people don’t know is that it’s also a very effective nutrient partitioning agent.

You can also get fat from mayo, eggs, avocados, flaxseed oil, peanut butter (natural only!) and the fat in the lean cuts of meat you eat.

Don’t worry too much about calorie requirements. Make sure you’re hitting the protein and fat numbers I gave you above. From there, the only variable is carbs. I’ll give you a modified version of T-Dawg that will make things really simple for you.

  • Make sure you’re taking in at least a serving and a half of Surge PWO (Post Workout). That’s resistance training only. That’s 3 scoops, each in one liter of water. You have a higher amount of LBM, so you have higher requirements than listed on the container.

Other than that, eat ONLY green veggie carbs, but you can eat all you want. If you’d like, I’ll post a list.

The trick is going to be to NOT eat all the other things; i.e., sauces, glazes, starchy carbs, dressings (except for Walden Farms Dressing, which is no carb, no calorie, no fat per serving).

I promise you that you won’t go/be hungry.

Plan on a year, but it may end up being less than that.

Give Meltdown a go, but be looking at other programs, too. I just found that it didn’t work that well on a diet that restricted carbs.

Go ahead and take pics, but keep them for yourself only. It will give you a frame of reference.

If you have any other questions, again, please don’t hesitate to ask. And let me know how it goes. The only thing that might happen is that we might need to integrate some starchy carbs into your diet if energy levels start to suffer or weight loss is too outrageously fast.

Walleye, sign up for PMing someone. I’m in your same boat and would like to chat with you.


Well today I’m sore as hell from the Meltdown Training. I decided to take the day off and do day two tomorrow.

I like the idea of the EDT really well I think I may do that for a few weeks until my strength gets up there.

I bought some fish oil from the health food store. Carlson’s Fish Oil with Lemon Flavor, it tastes great! I mixed it in with my protein drink and I could taste a hint of lemon.

Are any fish oils better than others? I do like the lemon flavor.

Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll have more questions.


Walleye, I replied to your PM (Private Message). PM me back.

I’m getting ready to start a round of EDT myself. I understand it’s another program that will kick your butt, (grin), but I think it may work better for you than Meltdown.

Re fish oil, I like to use a product that has been molecularly distilled. that’s my only criteria. Molecular distillation removes PCBs, DDT, mercury and other carcinogens. I use a product called Health from the Sun Ultra Omega 3. The most cost effective source I found was on iHerb, about $5 a bottle!