Meltdown Extra Workout Question

Nobody responded to me earlier, so I had to ask again. Meltdown Training has a PM training session where you jumprope or row for 6 sets. I find this to be inconvenient to do 2 workouts in a day, and the jumproping is pretty easy. Could an acceptable substitute to 2 workouts be to do Meltdown’s weightraining followed by the 6 sets of rowing right after the supersets? Can anyone help me out here please?

I would say NO adding to the original AM workout you are extending to the time and that w/o is tough anyway if done right and you’ll be doing more damage than good.

Also the PM session is there for several reasons and doesnt need to be ubere hard. It gives another boost in calorie expanditure, bumping up the BMR gets that heart pumping and may aid in recovery.

I am doing meltdown right now too. I think I saw you post this on mens health forum but didn’t answer. I am doing meltdown now too and sometimes if I don’t have enough I just jump rope hard for like 10-15 minutes. Just make sure it is intense.