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Meltdown - Exercise Selection

Anyone try changing the types of exercises used in the Meltdown routine. I’m giving it ago but I’m changing the exercises over a three workout split. Of course I will be incorporating all of the functional exercises including Squats and Deadlifts.

I’m beginning this program next week. All the basic lifts are gonna stay the same, but I may switch the ab routine. After following Paul Chek’s work for some time, I know you have to have very good abdominal control to PROPERLY perform hanging leg raises. As I haven’t done this exercise in at least three years, I’m gonna try it once, but if I fail miserably I’m gonna use Ian King’s two ab programs from Get Buffed. Four exercises back to back with no rest, very similar to the chin/squat/push-up/deadlift and the push press/walking lunges/dips/rows. Seems to me this would make more sense IF abdominal control is not sufficient to do the hanging leg raises the way they’re supposed to be done. One thing that wasn’t mentioned is if the leg raises are supposed to be done straight-legged or bent.