Meltdown + Don't diet

What do you guys think about massive eating style dieting w/ reduced calories while preforming meltdown. In the article it suggests t-dawg diet. But I am scared of losing to much muscle. My goal is to diet over the course of the next 3 months. For the first 6 weeks I would like to try meltdown. What do you guys think.

T-dawg is suggested because high fat diets are extremely anabolic and will keep most (if not all) of your hard earned muscle if you diet right. Don’t Diet (massive eating on a calorie deficit) in my opinion will work well as well, since Meltdown looks like such a grueling program and it may be difficult to get through on a low carb diet. Do a search on the forum and t-mag for “don’t diet”, good luck

You won’t lose muscle on the T-dawg diet if you do it correctly. Both diets work great actually, just pick the one that best fits your lifestyle.