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Meltdown Disciples...help!

Starting Meltdown tomorrow morning, and I have a couple of questions. What are you all using for a warm-up, and what type of weight relative to 1RM are you using for the squats/deads? Thanks in advance!

The point the authors make in this article is the slow concentric raises lactic acid which in turn induces a higher level of gh. However, I have a problem with this, in that, in order to perform 10 reps with 3 second CONCENTRICS, your weight is going to have to suffer…

Following a hypocaloric diet, I’m not sure this is a good idea if you want to hang on to lean mass…

You will have to play with the numbers a bit. The idea is to use as much weight as you possibly can each wave using the proper tempo. I’ve done Meltdown a couple of times and have actually gained muscle compared other dieting phases. This is at 5’10" 200+ lbs and 1800 cals. This is one of the only programs where I’ve noticed this effect while restricting calories to this degree.

When I did this program the first time I was using weights I could tolerate. This was a mistake. If I can do 10 reps at the proper tempo I increase weight the next time autmotically. This goes for each wave. It should be an all out effort.

Also, sequence the exercises in the order that meets your goals. For instance, I wanted to prioritize back so on Day 2 I move the rows to the 2nd exercise and move lunges back. The order isn’t as important as the exercise and tempo choice.