Meltdown Dilemma

ATTN Bill Roberts, Berardi, and others. After reading the new paper issue, and reading in depth on Meltdown training, I will give it a shot. The problem is what supplements to use, as I see that some people are using mag-10. I will order mag-10, but first, I’d like to polish off a few things in my arsenal. I still have a bottle of the old MD6 and some adipokinetix, so i will use these. Now, I have some left over finasol, One+, and VPX’s 1-test(I know, IT’S NOT TEST!!). I work at a supplement store, and get to try out all of the “new” things. I also have the requisite protein powder, and a bottle of Methoxy7. OK, during this meltdown phase, do I use my “improvised” mag-10 like Tim Patterson says in the Mag-10 plan for Success? How can I fit in the finasol? Should I use Methoxy7 during the Tribex and M phase to help bridge? And finally, since this meltdown training uses a lactic acid/GH releasing technique, should I use Surge during and after, or just after training? I know this is a lot to ask, but I would like to give this a shot, and use up some leftover supps. Then, I will go balls out and do a Biotest only cycle. I will keep you posted with results. Thanks in advance- The Starkdog

Do mag-10 at half dose a day, but frontload, for two weeks, then switch to Tribex, M, and use the methoxy at label dose. This should be a perfect fit for the four weeks of Meltdown. The Fina I have no idea about drugs… Does that 1-Test stuff work from VPX sports? Keep us updated on your results.