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Meltdown Diet, Anyone on It?

I recently read the topic on the MELTDOWN diet by Don Alesi and found it interesting. Im wondering if anyone is doing it at the moment, and if its recommended for a beginner

Im 22, 220lbs with high body fat, something that ive had most of my life lol. I started doing BBB (Big Beyond Belief) about 6 months ago, and got great gains but now im wanting to get lean to see all the hard work.

Been doing a sort of BBB routine but just doing 8-12 reps for 3 sets and having short rest periods (as long as it takes my mate to do his) then hitting cardio after.

Im just curious about people doing it and if it works, and if its right for me. I heard its called the “death circuit” and i need to bring a bucket with me haha but its interesting that you can build muscle with it and lose fat at higher rates than i could do with weights + cardio. Cheers x