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meltdown concerns

i have recently started meltdown training part 1 in an attempt to shed some bf. however, i have a few concerns. first of all since the overall workload from my normal routine is signifgantly reduced as well as poundages i dont feel the pump that i long for. secondly, will the lack of direct bicep, tricep, side delt, and calve work(excluding jump rope) lead to atrophy in those body parts? thirdly, the work out only takes me about a half an hour, is that a long enough time with an elevated heart rate to noticeably lower my bf%? it is difficult when you have been programmed for so long in a typical rep and set routine to try and change your whole way of training. i am also on the t-dawg 2.0, would it be ok to include a couple of pieces of fruit post workout such as a banana and apple for the simple carbs?

It’s not Meltdown that is causing the lack of pump, it’s the diet. If you’re on low carbs (and low calories) you simply aren’t going to get the normal pump due to lack of glycogen.

As far as the atrophy goes, you don’t need to worry about it. Unless you are not doing the recommended exercises, your arms get plenty of work from the supinated chins and rows (biceps) and push-ups, push press and dips (triceps). Calves may be somewhat neglected but will get some work from the push-presses and in particular the jump rope work. Keep in mind that this is not a hypertrophy program…it’s a program for cutting, hence the name Meltdown.

If you are not using Surge post-workout (you should be), I would use something like grape juice for your carbs instead of an apple. Apples are low-glycemic and are predominantly fructose which will do very little to restore muscle glycogen. If budget does not allow for Surge to be used, do whey protein, grape juice and a bowl of corn flakes (high-glycemic carbs).

Yes, a half-hour session doesn’t seem like much but give the program a chance and you will be pleased with the results if you follow it to the letter. You will likely lose some off your one-rep maxes upon returning to heavy lifting. Good luck!


I am doing Meltdown as well-same issues with the pump. It’s all about the calories and carbs. Expect to be a little flat when cutting up. Also, like Monty said, get those liquid simple sugars in post-workout.

Well said, Montie.
On the subject of your lack of work on the smaller muscle groups, this should not be a concern. The reason this program works well with those on diets I believe is the shortened workouts and reduction of sets allow for the retention of the gains you have already made.
When you reduce colories you simply don’t have the dietary support for making gains, also your “usual” training program would more than likely cause atrophy in those smaller muscle groups such as arm and calves.
So give the program a go, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.