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Meltdown changes??? need advice!!!

Hi all, I’m in the midst of a strength phase right now and will be starting meltdown in about 2 weeks. My question is this:
In the meltdown training protocol, it’s advised to use only meltdown and not cardio. I do Hapkido (Korean martial art) about 4X/week and it gets pretty intense cardio-wise. How should I adapt the Meltdown program so it doesn’t result in catabolism/overtraining/skewed results with what I want? I will be following the T-Dawg diet when melting down and supp’ing with T-2 and MD-6. Thanks for the help in advance

I’m in the middle of my second Meltdown phase right now, and I’m playing soccer 3x a week. I’ve also added in some non-weighted GPP. From what I understand, the point of Meltdown is not to be a cardio workout, but to stimulate the lactic acid levels in the body. Also, in one of the Iron Dog columns, Don Alessi was responding to someone who wanted to lose bf in a hurry, and he had him doing Meltdown training, plus cardio sessions in the p.m.