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Meltdown Alternative Routes?

Hey fellas n’ gals…I’m just about done with my 4/5 months of bulking phase. The meltdown/T-Dawg route looks very interesting. However, reading the meltdown article, it is almost impossible for me to “hog” the equipment/machines to myself to perform the exercises nonstop as prescribed. Is there other exercises or suggestions? For example, I can probably do the chin-up/squats/deadlift combo inside the powercage. There wont be a need for me to do one set then go allll the way to the machines to do another set then go all the way to the dumbbells for another. Any suggestions or other types of meltdown-like training will be helpful.

I just hog the cage - you could too - no problem.

For the second day, I put a loaded bar (for rows) by the dip station. I use the same dumbells for presses as lunges. If someone wants to use the dip station (which is a chin station too, at my gym) I explain what I’m doing and they can work in. You have almost 4 min in between each time you’re using it.

I just tried to modify the exercises so that I could do them all at one location.

For instance - Chin, Squat, Floor Press, and Deadlift while at the power cage on day 1.

Day 2 - Lunge, Push Press, Push-Up, BO Row while at the open squat rack. (As an alternative, you could do all these motions with dumbells and not take up any equipment)

That way I only took up one piece of equipment for about 20-25 minutes. And like El Machinae mentioned, just be upfront about what you are doing and let guys work in during your break.