Meltdown 2 results - Yes I've searched...

Howdy T-folk! Damn it’s been ages since I’ve posted… glad to see some old faces [names] around. Anyway…

I’m about to embark on Meltdown 2, and after a number of searches I haven’t found much info on how it worked for people.

So, has anyone out there given it a real shot and has some useful information to offer? I suppose ultimately, did it work??? (For fat loss.) Any advice is appreciated, so I can tweak things if need be before I actually start next week.

Cheers all, Mark-AUS.

Mark, to be honest I don’t think very many have tried it. I posted the same question on another popular forum and not one person responded. I remember someone on here had tried it and said they injured their shoulder doing one of the movements, but I can’t remember who it was. I may give it a go too but would’ve definitely liked more feedback.

I agree. I don’t think that many (if anyone) has tried either Meltdown II or III. I know that for me, M I works just fine. :wink:

Thanks fellas. I guess I’ll be the guinea pig. Since I started my business I haven’t really trained as much, so I think I’ll probably get a decent response just due to getting right into it again. Still, I’ll post whatever results I get. Cheers, M.

I have some decent results with the original Meltdown. Never tried Meltdown 2, though.

I think a lot of people didn’t try 2 beacuse they didn’t like the results from the 1st one. The programs are very different, though.

The orignal seems to work better for those at a higher bf%. As you approach the single digit bf levels, you may find it better to try soemthing like 5X5.

I found Meltdown 1 to be a disaster case for me when I decided to try it out, but I think I can link that to no partner (who can do something other than bicep curls).

I think Staley’s EDT (fat loss version) is one of the best out there for cutting once you’ve gotten to single digits. It is a lot tougher than it appears on paper if you’re doing everything to the letter.

I’m probably around 10-11% BF now. Be interesting to see how body composition changes. So far I’ve done ‘practise runs’ of the program, mostly to get my form for power-cleans, front squats, etc, back up to scratch. I’m not doing all five odd supersets (or whatever hybrid sets you want to call them), but even at the end of the third my heartrate is definitely up there with heavy running, and also whatever’s left in my stomach doesn’t really want to be there for much longer… if you get my meaning. Anyway, can’t wait to hook right into it - here’s hoping for pain suffering, and all things good!

Meltdown II blows my asshole.

It’s nice for bodybuilder’s who think they can do the Olympic lifts, but really can’t. (and have poor CNSes.)