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Meltdown 2 Explanation


Could someone please explain exactly how to perform a Meltdown II workout. I have read & re-read the articles and still don't get it. Is it a circuit-style like Meltdown 1? The reps aren't quite clear...1+1+1?! Someone please give a detailed explanation as I am starting his "Ripped in 8 weeks" program outlined in an old Iron Dog article.


I'm no expert, but I've been looking at this and am starting it in one week, so I hope I can answer you.

By 1+1+1 he's putting a emphasis on the fact that after each rep, you rack the bar for 15 seconds. That is, one rep, rack the weight 15 sek, second rep until the set is complete.

As for the workouts, you perform one set of A1, then rest 15 sek, one set A2 etc until you've completed one round of A exercises. That is one complete set and you then rest the required time before beginning with A1 again.

After you complete A's, you move on to B's if there are any.

After that you wait 4-6 hours before performing the PM part of the program.

I hope this helps, and good luck.


Muppet is exactly right. I did this program earlier this year. You will be surprised @ the increase in metabolism attained through high intensity low reps. My body comp improved a lot, without much weight loss. It basically uses a form of rest-pause training. Alessi says that the metabolic challenge of Meltdown II is the force generated @ the start of the lifts after the pause.