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meltdown 1

I have done a few workouts. Very taxing. I’m sore. Two questions: Can the lifting portion of this workout be done in the evening? And, if I can’t eat a high-fat diet (I have acid reflux disease-a high-fat diet like t-dawg would kill my stomach) does anybody have a suggestion for a diet? I would like to drop a few pounds of fat. Currently at 160 lbs, 13%, slow-med metabolism.

Out of curiosity, have you tried a higher fat, lower carb diet?

I found that my indigestion was lessened--in fact, my whole family is low-carbing it for this problem.


Vishal, take a look at and do some research on DGL. It’s a form of licorice. Can’t spell it off the top of my head, without my books. Very effective with acid reflux, unless you have a valve problem.

I have horrible heart burn too. I found that when I went low carb-high fat it virtually dissapeared. I’m not sure if it’s the diet or just supplementing with fish oil and flax oil. But it makes a night and day differance.

To answer your first question…yes, you can do the weights in the evening. Read the Meltdown article a little closer and you will find that Don Alessi said you can switch the am/pm workouts if if fits your schedule better. I always did the weight portion of Meltdown in the evening when schedule permitted, and had MUCH better workouts other than the fact that the gym was more crowded and sometimes it was hard to go from station to station.

Second, while you don’t have to go low-carb, it may help you lose fat quicker. If you’ve never done low carb (by my definition under 100 grams/day), you might want to start a bit more moderate such as a 30/40/30 plan like Don’t Diet.

Try chewable papaya enzyme tablets for your acid reflux. You can get them at GNC and many people swear by them. They’re dirt cheap as well.

Thanks guys. Currently I take Nexium, which is supposed to be the most effective medication on the market for acid reflux. I will try the DD Diet. My only concern with lifting in the evening would be getting so revved up that I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep on time. I will try it and see what happens.

Critique-I will plan to do the DD diet by berardi starting at 2000 cals. Pre-workout I will consume 40 g whey with 8 grams glut peptide and 2 tsp flax 90 min before. 1 serving Powerdrive 30 min before. Immediately postworkout, 10g creatine with 30 gram high-glycemic carbs. 15 min later, 1 serving of Grow. I will take an ephedra-free fat burning stack (mostly beta 3-androgonists, caffeine, guggs) 3 times a day, five days on, two days off. I have been using prohormones four weeks on/four weeks off for the past year, so I think that I should give myself another month off before using Mag-10. Would tribex suffice? I think my testosterone levels might be a little low.

How did Meltdown work for you? I am hoping that the shock of this program will enable me to add on a few pounds of muscle while also losing five or so pounds of fat. I plan to do 3 weeks of Meltdown 1 and then 3 of Meltdown 2.

Meltdown I was a nice change of pace as I had been doing a lot of low-rep work prior to it. I always felt such a sense of accomplishment after completing these brutal sessions. I did Meltdown I in conjunction with a low-carb diet based on the principles of Charles Poliquin and Don Alessi (50 g. day all from greens). I found that I could barely handle both the weight workouts and the cardio intervals (I used the AirDyne…way harder than a jump rope IMHO). I don’t know that I would expect to gain muscle and lose fat while on a calorie deficit (and yes I know what Don Alessi says)…you will certainly drop some bodyfat. Expect your 1RM’s to drop upon completing Meltdown…I wouldn’t use it all the way through your diet, but when I got down to seven percent or so I switched to Staley’s fat loss EDT which I absolutely love.

Your cals are probably about right…maybe just a tad low depending on activity and metabolism. Don’t Diet would put you at higher calories, so I would throw in a higher cal day every 3-4 days…say 2400 or so. Good luck!