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Meltdown 1 Tomorrow

I am going to start Meltdown 1 tommarow, any last minute advice?

I am thinking as a warm up.
-5-10 mins of light rowing
-stretching (whole body)
-10-20 reps with barbell

Good idea?

Day one of Meltdown is done.

Very hard, was exhausted afterwards. But was actualy fun.

I am sure I will still have fat to burn after this is over. I am not sure if going from a fat loss routine to anyone is healthy thou.

Would it be ok to do Waterbury’s Summer project a week after I finish Meltdown Training?

Or would it be better to something like ABBH1 and bump up cardio (rowing and trail running) more???

Thanks for any advice, again summer goal is to burn as much fat as I can."

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