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Meltdown 1 Question

What percentage of 1rm should be used for meltdown 1? With a good diet what results did you get? Also, would 3 days of HIIT be too much cardio?

I lift at home so should I have a 2nd olmyipic weight set since there is no rest between squat and deadlift?

I am going to finiah BBB than take a break form Muslce Revolution and try one or two fat loss routines.

[quote]DF85 wrote:
What percentage of 1rm should be used for meltdown 1?

I always wondered that too… I hope someone can help us on that issue


Anyone try this before?

I have tried the workout before many times and its best just to start out light and go from there. This workout, if done correctly with the required tempo can really kick your ass. I start off using about 35% of my 1RM and went up from there.

Oh yeah, as far as results go, you steadily lose quite a bit depending on your diet. I tried it on a low carb diet and the workouts are really taxing, so u might not be able to keep up 3 HIIT sessions.

Again, try it out for a week, see how u feel. I lost close to 20lbs last time in 4 weeks while on a strict low carb diet. Somewhere around 10 times my bodyweight in calories.

Any one else try meltdown?