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Melt me the f down!


I am loving the posts on here, so much damn info it’s almost overwhelming. Anyway here’s a question for those interested in putting their two cents.

I am 23, 6’2" and 256lbs at about 20%bf (I would like to get down to around 10%). For once in my life I would like to see my abs. I know that’s totally retarded sounding in a “Mens Health” kinda way. But I have been a chubby kid with asthma my whole life regardless of diet and workout routine.
This all changed when this site motivated to me to stop being a lazy low T girly man.
I have been weight training (I also box in the super heavy weight division :201+ lbs: in local exhibitions) for a good year now and slowly but surely I am seeing changes in my composition. I have learned an ENORMOUS amount from t-mag. SO with the knowledge I have obtained from this wonderful site, this is my plan. Please critique at will. Keep in mind I am also a landscaper so I am very active everyday.

First 8 weeks.

Meltdown 1
6 weeks

The BEAR 3x week for 2 weeks (transitional time between programs)
50% RM Load (I want concentrate totally on bar speed and total deep squats to build speed)
During This time I will also supp the routine with pullups, deads and dips.

My cardio During this time will be sparring once a week and boxing workouts once or twice a week with my trainer. Also working outside, leaf season is coming…ick.

At this point I should know wether or not I will be entering the Golden Gloves Tournament, if I am I will go back to Meltdown 1 and eventually to 2. If not I will embark on CT’s OVT program or something in the big three nature and look like the damn Hulk at the programs end.

During this time I will be using Hot Rox at 4 caps a day (first 8 weeks) and ZMA at night. I have also placed an order for four bottles of the new MAG10. I plan to single dose during the meltdown phase and If I do embark on the OVT program I will double dose on and off for two to three weeks at a time for the duration of the program.

And almost forgot the most Important part. DIET. I will be folowing the zone diet which is basically 40% carbs-30%protein-30%fat (I need the carbs!).
The meals will be brought to my house everyday by zone gourmet for the next 12 weeks. I usually get a good 6 meals and a couple of snacks such as a balance bar or a protein muffin. I discussed my activity level with the nutritionist and my protein intake has been adjusted accordingly (I still have my post worksout shake regardless of what they give me). So if you feel inclined to give me your opinion I’d appreciate it or if you feel the need to flame thats just as good.

I think this the longest damn post ever. but thank you if you read the whole thing.

Jimmy dOOm

Well you certainly have planned this out to an extent.
Be careful with Meltdown, thouhg–it doesn’t work for everyone and hence it might not work for you (this is based off of the presumption that you’ve never used it before).
Also, even Don Alessi himself said Meltdown stops working after four weeks, dragging it to six maybe shorting yourself in the foot.
The sparring you’re doing should be great cardio as it involves the whole body.

In the second segment you mention the bear three times a week along with chins and deadlifts–does this mean you’ll do the bear, chins and deadlifts all on the same day repeated three times per week? With the supplements you are going to be taking I’d say maybe up your work load a little bit to 4 days or five days a week.

I’m wondering why you want to intake more carbs than protein. I can understand your need for them, but while cutting it can be helpful to have as many if not more grams of protein than carbs.

And how many of your carbs are you going to consume post workout? Taking them at that time will virtualy assure you of them being put to good use (replacing glycogen in your muscles instead of being stored as adipose.)
And if you do go into OVT to make gains you’ll have to start upping the carbs and proteins I’d say.

Don’t forget to do weighted GPP at night. The regimen you are taking is gonna make you sore. The wheelbarrow and the sledge hammer can be your best friend to recovery for your muscles.

That’s all I have to say for your plan other than that it looks damn well calculated. I’m not saying that my suggestions are perfect for everyone, but they seem to have worked in the past.

I gotta post to this one. I would have to say drop the zone step up and take control and responsibility of your own diet. Keep a log. How else are you going to learn from the expience when someone is making your choices for you. It is a pain at first but one that most evryone here has gone through and is better for doing it. It will also make it a much easier experience when you start to go off the diet after u reach your goals. The way it is now you will go from having someone feed you and making all these hopefullt good choices with hopefully good whole foods. to having to suddenly fend for your self and you wont have the experience behind you to make the right choices. But thats just my opinion.

Hey thanks for the feedback so far.
Phil actually I am a chef in training buddy!
I am going back to school in october to finish up hopefully. I just plain don’t have the time. I get up at 5:30 for work. I bust my ass till 6 then go to the gym till about 9:30. then from there I go visit my girl or get certain things done that I just don’t have the time to do during the day and then I am in bed by midnight. I am keeping a log of my workouts as far how I am upping the poundages and rest intervals. so far I am up to 225 for deads and 200lb ass to the floor squats on Day1 of the program (I know I am a weakling =P). For Day2 I am doing 95lb push presses and 135 for the bent over rows. As you noticed I am trying to play with the program a bit to see if I can gain some strength out of it, without completely overdoing it.

Sergius: I know protein is more beneficial when cutting but you ahve to understand the extent of work I do each day. The amount of carbs I eat probably is just enough so I keep my ass moving.
As for The Bear I had planned to supp each of three movement seperately each time I did the bear. So for day 1 of The bear I would do it for a 5x5 @about 50%RM and then do the deads. then day 2 of the bear I’d finish with chins. get the picture?
I am actually just about to wrap up my first week of meltdown (I am kinda considering this my practice week despite the weight I am moving, just so I can get the ryhtym down) and already I am beginning to see a change.

If I stick to the 4 weeks should I just go completely gonzo and double dose the new mag 10 all the way through and maybe up my reps to 75%RM? I’ll be a guinea pig for the good of the T Nation.

My post workout shake is a self made concoction of whey and a carbo rush from my gym (I get them for cheap, the counter chick likes me…hehe) so its like 40 grams protein and 70 grams carbs. Then an hour later or so I 'll have a small dinner. The weighted GPP at night will be rough. My days consist of pushing wheelbarrows and running behind huge 400lb lawnmowers anyway. Is the GPP still necessary? Oh and I forgot to add I am taking the FDNY physical on october 2nd. So in prep for one part of the test which is doing a stair master (a step a second for 6 minutes with full gear on) I have been doing 6 minutes 85% intensity on my gym’s stairmaster with an 80lb vest on. Holy Crap. Talk about puking…

Thank you both for responding!

I know this has been talked about before but what do you guys listen to while busting your ass the gym?

Having food delivered to you sounds nice and convenient, but I gotta agree with Phill on this one. By manipulating diet, the cornerstone of any training program, you can learn valuable lessons about how your body responds to different foods, food combinations, calorie levels, etc. and use this information to help reach whatever goals you may have in the future.

I’ve recently started using fitday.com to keep track of my daily diet (I had previously been using a legal pad and a calculator). It is really easy to use, although the first day or two it is a little time-consuming finding the foods and customizing foods and supplements that are not listed. But the initial investment is definitely worth it. Hope this helps.

Well I will say you are handicapping your results based on your dietary choices.

The zone plan like you have written is not a fat loss plan, more of a maintenance level.

Compare that to tdawg 2.0, which is much more geared to fat loss.

If you simply must have more carbs than tdawg 2.0 would allow (100 grams/day), then I say make sure they are thicker carbs like oats, yams, brown rice, veggies… Avoid the processed grains/sugars for anytime but post workout.

And with your post workout drink what sort of carbs are you consuming? My guess is it’s the wrong type, and thus you aren’t getting nearly the benefit that you would get if you had something like Surge.

BTW, I tried eating the zone plan like yourself during a “cutting” phase and it was VASTLY slower of a job than the tdwag 2.0. Wasn’t even comparable.

Also I’m wondering if you are mixing p+c+f in your meals, and what sorts of dietary fats you are eating?

I will say it’s nice to see you are willing to put in work in the form of exercise. Just need to tweak that diet plan of yours to really see more results.