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Melodic Death Metal


what are some of your top bands/songs? Anybody else a fan?

In Flames

Scar Symmetry


I know there are many many more...especially from In Flames who could possibly be my favorite band.


in flames is sick. Bullet ride ftw


Check out Sonic Syndicate. Denied, Red Eyed Friend, Damage Control, Only Inhuman and Enclave are all very good songs that sound alot like recent In Flames stuff.


you know...the death metal thread could use these recommendations in that thread...just sayin'


but all that goregrind and tech death... maybe melodic death feels a little left out?

how about some arch enemey?
shadows and dust


No, he's right. There is already a metal thread, open to all types of metal.


i got into metal through melodeath. i guess its a good way to get used to the vocals and blastbeats


It's what I've been rocking to in the gym lately

-Sonic Syndicate
-Scar symmetry
-in flames of course
-dark tranquility

not really melodic death metal but still good:

-children of bodom
-Lamb of god
-war of ages
-parkway drive
-bullet for my valentine
-As I lay dying
-Killswitch engage


lol sorry detazathoth after looking at most of the music in your thread I didn't know if this specific genre belonged in there lol

Sonic Syndicate is sick...it was them and Killswitch Engaged that originally got me into the heavier stuff.

well I say we move this convo to the death metal thread...


It's alright, it's not like I'm the metal police or anything lol, I figured since the Death Metal thread basically became all the genres of metal thread, it'd make since to put melodeath there.


I love the Dimmu Borgir album they made with the Prague Philharmonic orchestra.


DG, check out Wintersun. Jari, the old lead singer, guitarist, and song writer from Ensiferum parted with them after the recording of the second Album, and started his own Solo Project. Its more melodic death with fewer folk elements, really nice band.

If you like In Flames, check out Children of Bodom.


I enjoy In Flames...one of my favorite bands, As I lay Dying, soil work, All that remains, old Lamb of God, etc.

check out Silent Civilian and Dark Tranquility (specifically terminus from the album fiction).


In Flames is sick, glad i checked this thread.


If you're mentioning Soilwork you might as well throw some Disarmonia Mundi in the mix.