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Melle Mel and Valentino


on muscular developement


pretty much drivel, still on the first video hoping it gets better and less smack talk for what melle mel actually brings to the table


Why did they hire Valentine? He's such a douchebag and doesn't say anything interesting.


I used to always see Mel at shows in the NYC area, which was kinda cool (Actually, I also sat next to DMC - yes, THAT 'DMC' at a show a few years back, which was really cool, as he's totally into BBing these days)... But Valentino is one of those guys who just brings nothing to the table except for a lot of BS and fluff. You can only hear so many times about how his arms were 18" even before he touched steroids without just wanting to throw up.



im a few months away from 18 inch arms just wait til i hit that lol I'll be telling everyone[/sarcasm]

thats pretty cool sitting next to dmc, to be honest melle mel in this one isnt much better than valentino...i almost posted this in get a life but after watching the second part realized they decided to finally lift some weight


I usually like the videos muscular development puts up. Mostly those in the trenches interviews with Dave Palumbo.

This just looks stupid and annoying.


The Dave Palumbo In The Trenches were very good, he holds good interviews. The newer In The Trenches aren't as interesting without Dave's questions and commentary. You can always go to RxMuscle.com and check out the Iron Asylum videos (their version of the In The Trenches) with Dave.


Why did MD fire Dave? Is he still working with Evan Centopani? Did he ever work with Kai?


From what I can tell, there is only speculation. My opinion is that the mag seemed to purge its more hardcore image in order to sell more copies. There are some stores around this city that don't even carry MD but sell Flex. Dave and R were the source of some of their more "risque" content.


Evan is working with Oscar Dardon and the rumors are that Blechman had something to do with Evan "firing" Dave but he says that isn't the case. I don't think Kai ever worked with Dave, he's always been with Dardon except for a short stint where he went to see Charles Glass in CA.



Sooooooo much better


Yeah, Blechman really shot himself in the foot. Dave and John pretty much set up the whole video-journal that they became known for, and now you've got guys doing their best to fill in, but despite being "names" as bodybuilders, Shawn and Flex are just boring as hell.



They had an an article stating the reason for firing dave from MD a while back. It was something like he was never in the office and seemed to be spending the majority of his time to push his own supplement company and was kind of leeching off MD to do that.


They said the same about John Romano. Are the two of them pushing the same supplement company?


Yea, Species nutrition. Dave runs tho show with that company tho, I think John has minor ownership if any.



read this...


I remember following all the 'mess'. ROmano says that he was never in the office in the 18 years he was at the helm of the magazine, and that Blechman's real reason was because he had approached Palumbo to work with him on a supplement line, and Palumbo declined Blechman, but then brought Romano on to his payroll.

Blechman is a typical businessman in the BBing world, you're his pal when it suits him and he can make money off of your work. Sad state of the industry, but it has essentially always been that way.



Oscar Ardon prepped Evan for the NY Pro.