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Melissa Webb @ 2012 UPA IronWars!!

My good friend and training partner Melissa Webb totalled almost 900lbs raw at IronWars last month! I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has an amazing work ethic, never complains and NEVER gives up!! Mel will be chasing a 900lb total and a 400lb pull the WCO on Dec 1st! Congrats on the HUGE total Mel!

What weight class was this?

[quote]black_angus1 wrote:
What weight class was this?[/quote]


That squat was sick-nasty. Congrats to her.

[quote]cparker wrote:
That squat was sick-nasty. Congrats to her.[/quote]
Yeah that war cry was intense!!!


[quote]Spock81 wrote:
I LOVE HER[/quote]
Me too!!

This is one powerful intense chick right here! Always happy to train alongside her when I get the chance!