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Melissa Deitwiller Squatting


Check this out.



Fuck! She made those ten look easy. And was looking hot doing it.


fuck me!



As a compare and contrast check out Erica's pictures of the Diablo Barbell members.


She wasn't going all that deep, and her legs were a little shaky. Nice legs, though, and nice implants.


Very nice. I wish the camera would also get a shot from her backside.

The inside plates look like bumper plates. So how much is she lifting?


They are. If I had to guess. 225?


they look like normal plates to me...

looks like she's using 315 lbs...


Just came home from gym and saw this.
Is she doing a high bar, close stance and squatting close to parallel? Can't tell if she is going for a powerlifting or O-lifting position. I guess this is what works for her.

I can go deep in my Olympic squats but I'm still concerned how people can move heavy weights when the ROM is clearly longer in O-lifting than powerlifting.

Nice to see women squat but I think Erica is stronger than her.


She's doing high-bar olympic, fairly close stance squats to parallel with 315, but what I find disturbing is that the first thing most people who have seen this do is try to find something to criticize. This is a 140lb girl squatting more than 90% of the guys on T-Mag, and instead of giving credit, we get comparisons to a female powerlifter who frequents this board, who trains only for limit strength in the three big lifts.
Also, according to most one-rep max calculators, which aren't always right, but are fairly close, she could get a one-rep max raw, with only a belt of 437lb.

Why is it that T-Nation is one of the worst sites in regards to personal attacks and scrutiny? This same video was posted on another website(with many experienced lifters) and all you see is compliments, yet within the first 10 posts here you get nitpicking and comparisons to powerlifters.


Hey only half the posts were critical, that's pretty good for this site!


I think it is freakin amazing. Wish I could do that. I am part of the 90%. My thought was, can that really be 315, she makes it look so easy.


Did you never see the graphic that says Dangerously Hardcore?

I don't feel bad in supporting the board members and I said "Nice. For a compare and contrast ...".

Flame Wars are lame


agreed 100%. To be honest i was first suprised at the weight then started to stare at her body and boobs. Both were impressive, she obviously works for it.
Who cares about high bar olympic squat shit. Just lift!


I think that might have been the best thing I've seen all week. She rocks.


That was awesome, thanks for posting it!


great form and a ton of weight!

you dont see that in the gym very often even from men!


315 for reps and she does it with a smile :stuck_out_tongue:
Very impressive


i am very impressed, like the otherday i seen this skinny guy lunging with 405lbs.of barbell across his back.
i was like whow!
"8 plates" i can barely breath with 8 plate across my back.


she's doing a bodybuilding squat, NOT an olympic squat. Her stance makes it impossible to break parallel (feet too close together). Impressive to say the least.