Meldown Training/Dropping Body Fat

I have looked in the past forums and seen some responses. But I’d like to hear about people’s results on Meltdown I or Meltdown II. It sounds too good to be true in terms of losing fat quickly while not losing much fat.

I recently completed 2 12-week bulking cycles and have gone from 6’3 180 at 10% body fat to 6’3 210 at 16% body fat. I would like to drop back back down to about 195/200 and 10% before bulking up further.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Is it possible to lose fat without losing too much fat? PROOF READ!!

Oi, I can see there will be a couple of mean posts here about the grammar mistake :frowning:

The trouble I have with Meltdown is that weight training is used for lactic acid training, but what is really used to maintain strength? Strength can be lost when doing such light weights (10 reps of an 18 rep max). And when you return to massing up, you might have a “catch up period” since a loss in strength means less force for your muscles to be stimulated by. There is also the issue of “myogenic” and “neurogenic” tone that could be lost on Meltdown (hopefully another poster can correct my spelling and expand on this).

Just do a lower volume weight training program such as ABBH or 5x5. Rely on good old HIIT to accelerate fat loss.

Ive been doing twag2 and meltdown1 for 5 weeks. Results: Lost 16 lbs. Actually stronger then I was 6 weeks ago. Supplementing with Tribex, surge, L/C grow, creatine, and hotrox. Couldnt be happier. Meltdown reccomends only 6 weeks on program, so Im actually preparing to switch to ABBH. Been doing Jump rope for cardio. Meltdown is a vomit inducing workout so be prepared!

Before I get criticized further, sorry for the grammar. The sad part is that I did proofread. It is just one of those days.

Meltdown I does work. I lost 2% in 3 weeks with no supplements. You will lose fat, but you will also lose strength. I’m about to try out a strength routine with Meltdown days mixed in. We’ll see how that works.