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Melbourne Gyms

Gday fellas,

Going to Melbourne for 2 weeks for the commonwealth games and Commonwealth International sport science conference.

Just wondering if any T-men can give me some insights into the best gyms there.

Preferably catered towards athletes, ie power racks, free weights, olympic lifting platforms, bumper plates, GHR machine, reverse hyper machines etc.


any help would be appreciated.


Hi Steve
We have a few good ones here.
Doherty’s gym is open 24/7 and has some good equipment and is in a suburb closes to the athletes village.
The Underground is also good and open 24/7 it’s rigth in the middle of the city.

And there is a gym in Crown Casino that I have been told is good a lot of securtity personel and police’s officers use it.
Hope this helps Fluffy

Cheers fluffy,

Thanks for the reply.

where is the underground located?

[quote]stevenscherlock wrote:
Cheers fluffy,

Thanks for the reply.

where is the underground located?


No probs Steve, sorry I wrote that wrong its the underworld gym and its located on Flinders st just down from the main train station.
Between Elisebeth st and Market lane.
The area on that part of the st is called Banana Alley( its not an alley and I have never seen bannana’s there but thats what its called.

The underworld gym is now called shapes fitness and you can check there web site www.shapefitness.com.au.
I suggest that you take the intro package as it is cheaper than paying by day.

For a twisted hardcore gym, Glute ham machine[only one i have seen in Oz] power racks, chains, bands, bumper plates, not a proper oly platform but its ok, heaps of weights, it is shut between 2-5 in the afternoon for personal training is a Gym called Apollo, is situated in the Cotton Mills in Footscray, about 10 min from the city, top blokes run it.
Dohertys is good to, 24/7, Db’s to 70k, heaps of weight and a range of machines, nice babes too. Lee priest is training there this week and some other pro’s comming over for the Pro show, guy who runs it loves his bodybuilding and is solid. Has a excellent boxing ring set up with good bags and such like.
Don’t know about the Underground but it was a solid gym, don’t know about it now.
Hawthorn Oly lifting club is in Auburn road, good platforms but sometimes miss’s with the attitude, anyway have a good time and for babes, fitness first in Richmond.

Thanks fellas i’ll check those gyms out, i’m staying in richmond and have been goin to fitness first.

like you said the women there are first rate.

It’s a change of scenery compared to the PIT i train in at home.