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Melatonin ????

HI!I intend taking Melatonin but am not sure how long i can stay on it 'cos staying on it for too long might shut down production and release of Natural Melatonin.Is this true?if so how long should i stay on it?Is it a worthwhile shot to try it?Also can i take it while on Gear,say a test,Dbol,Eq,Winny Cycle.PL reply asap

ive been taking melatonin for a while and it makes one hell of a difference in my sleep. im a firefighter and i also work as a bartender on my days off so im constantly switching back and forth working days then nights and melatonin helps me get to sleep faster so i can work days. as far as shutting down your production of natural melatonin i have done my research and companies claim that it will not effect your natural production. as for being on it while on gear i cant see a problem unless you suffer from depression and then i guess the melatonin may cause you some problems. its one of the most efeective supplements ive ever tried and for 10 bucks or around there you cant really go wrong.

someone mentioned on a recent post that melatonin shuts down your own test production. i take it with ZMA before i go to bed when i feel like i will have trouble sleeping well. I cycle on it, avoiding to take it on the weekends when i come home late really tired and i know i will just crash. laters pk

Do a search for Melatonin on the boards here to find a bunch of posts and replies. I have been taking melatonin for 5 years now, and it changed my life. It used to take me hours some nights to fall asleep. Now, 5 minutes after my head hits the pillow, I am out. Once in a while, when traveling or I run out of melatonin, I don’t notice a huge difference in my sleep patterns, so it does not seem to afect my natural melatonin levels. Taking ZMA seems to work even better than taking melatonin by itself. Just my 2 cents…


I’d read this first, espcially if you plan on using gear. I don’t know a whole lot about steroids, but I have read enough just for pure knowlegde from here, and I think this could effect your post-cycle recovery of endogeneous test production. Or at the very least, certainly not help it.


Take it for what it’s worth, especially since I’m no steroid expert. But suppression of LH is not good!

Now, whether you’d be fine using it while on gear and then stopping when your cycle ends, I can not answer.

I’d suggest ZMA or looking into other natural alternatives, that don’t effect LH levels.

the key would be knowing the half life of melatonin thus making sure that it affects you right around sleep time but does not affect you a few hours later in the morning when you naturally get higher testosterone levels. Suppresing LH in the morning hours would suck. laters pk