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Melatonin Safety


I've recently started taking melatonin and was wondering what are some opinions of it around here. The whole thing with taking a harmone kinda makes me a bit hesitant. Also, I'm taking ZMA and Valerian Root around 30 minutes before a Metabolic Drive shake and bed. Is it best to include the melatonin 30 minutes prior as well? Thanks.


Melatonin puts me to sleep,but its not restfull for me.I have some fucked up nightmares,I'm talking about the kind where it wakes you up and you're too scared to fall back to sleep kind of nightmares.

Yes,low-carb Metabolic Drive is great to take before bed, it has slow-digesting Micellar proteins in it. Read the Night-time Magic article by TC, it'll explain how it works.


I've only taken melatonin when my sleep cycle gets severely out of wack.

I used to have really wacky dreams, sometimes bordering on nightmares, but that was years ago. For some reason they haven't cropped up when I've taken it recently.

Then there was the weird habit of waking up at 5:30 AM on the dot, even if I was still sleepy. That seems to have gone away as well.

I think the label says to take melatonin less than an hour before bed, but recently I've had suggestions to take it a few hours before bedtime. Why I'm not sure, but I've noticed I've fallen asleep easier vs back when I took it 1 hour before bed.