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Melatonin OD?

One night ago I took 9 mg of melatonin before bed. The next morning I felt like shit. My head hurt and i couldn’t concentrate on anything. Did i take too much? I’m still feeling a little groggy today

From my understanding 3mg is the standard dose to take. I feel that taking any more than that is counter effective, and leaves you feeling like shit in the morning.

Hmmmm. Is it possible to feel like shit for more than just the next morning. Because i felt like shit the rest of that day and still feel a little groggy today.


Check me out. I only take 1mg from NOW when I need to go to sleep and I only take it when I know I can get a full 8 hours or better of sleep. Read the bottle most of them will tell you that it is naturally found in the body of mammals. That includes you so unless you take stimulants late in the day or are just normally wired you shouldn’t really need a lot of it to do the trick.
First thing you need to do is go get a smaller dose and then take the amount it tells you to.
Just out of curiousity why did you take so much?

no clue. I read somewhere that the recomended dose was anywhere from .3 mg to 10 mg so i said “fuck it” and took 9 mg. Whoops

Sorry for laughing… I feel for you, man!

The body naturaly produces melatonin based on the circadian cycle. If you take too much, it is still in your system during the day. That is why you feel like shit. Also it can be carcenogenic if regularly taken during daylight hours.
Why were you taking melatonin in the first place?

i can feel groggy on only 3mg the morning after, so yeah i could see how 9mg could have that effect!

B-12 helps to knock down Melatonin levels.

Yeah, that happened to me a few weeks ago.

I’ve been using melatonin every night for about a month and a half now, so my tolerance went up a bit. 3mg doesn’t do shit for me anymore and 6mg is still pretty weak.

Anyway, one night I needed to go to bed really early so I could wake up like at 4 am the next day and still get a full night’s rest. I was wide awake so (much like you! lol) I said fuck it! and I took 12mg all at once. Yep, 12mg! Oh man, the next morning I had the worst headache ever!! It was like a hangover (minus the stomachache) and I treated it as such: I downed like half a gallon of water within 20 minutes of waking up and the headache went away in a few hours after my morning cardio.

My tolerance is still pretty high obviously, since I’ve been taking it continously. But I’ve found that high doses of melatonin are fine if you space it out. For example, if I do need to go to bed really early like that one time and I’m really wide awake, here’s what I do: since 6mg is too little to do much, and 9mg still kinda weak for being completely wide awake so early, I take 6mg an hour and a half before I want to go to bed. Then about an hour later I take another 3 or 6mg depending on how I feel. And whenever I start to feel really sleepy, I hit the sack. Even if it’s like 7 or 8pm, I spend like 15 minutes or less awake in bed! Works every time (w/o the hangover)!

BTW try stacking some ZMA w/ the melatonin!