Melatonin in Canada

Since (I believe) that melatonin is not legally available in Canada, how does one from Canada go about getting some ?

Although it is not legal to sell melatonin in Canada, it can be imported for personal use. I have done this several times without any problem. So as long as you do not order a years supply at once, you should have no problems with customs.

I’ve ordered it from the US several times. It’s legal to import. Also, a lot of health stores carry it behind the counter even though it’s illegal (at least in Toronto). You just have to ask for it.

Any suggestions on a good place to order it from the U.S.

I’ve bought it in Canada before. Everystore except GNC has all the semi-legal stuff. All I know is it doesn’t do shit. :slight_smile:


Just bumping up.

Two sources for melatonin in the US are Puritan’s Pride (Puritan) and Vitamin Research Products (VRP). Both of these companies have websites and although I have not ordered any melatonin from them, I have ordered other products from both companies without any problems.