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Melatonin For Sleep

Has anyone tried Melatonin for helping with sleep? Can you get addicted? Can you take with ZMA?

From what I read, it’s safe and non addictive, but I’d like to hear from your personal experiences.

Here’s a quote I found on Melatonin:
“Melatonin is another anti-aging remedy. People who are depressed and have a hard time sleeping at night often have very high cortisol levels. Melatonin can help counter the ill-effects of cortisol and induce sleep if taken at bedtime. The problem is that most people take too high of a dose. Again, start low at around 1-2 mgs and work your way up from there.”

My experience, I take both Mel and ZMA. The melatonin knocks me out quick. However I still have problems awakening around 3 to 4am and have horrible sleep there after. So the ZMA isn’t always effective for me in the sense of prolonging my sleep. I need to practice reading just before bed give myself a more calming effect and perhaps the ZMA will help more.

I take melatonin. Like dragonslayer said, it knocks me out quick. Sometimes I also wake up around 3-4am, but I go right back to sleep with no trouble. I feel rested in the morning, no grogginess. No side effects, non addictive, all natural.

I have no experience w/ZMA, so I can’t speak to that or the combination of the two.

No artesmisia, melatonin can be addictive.

[quote]esrajay wrote:
No artesmisia, melatonin can be addictive.[/quote]

Could you please provide some documentation to support this? Everything I’ve read about melatonin says it’s non-addictive.

I took it briefly to help with sleep and went off it with no problems.

However, alhough I have no documentation to support this, I have heard that there’s a negative feedback so that endogenous melatonin diminishes with long term use.

Personally, I think it’s better to look at what’s going on in one’s life - i.e., the underlying issues that are causing the sleeplessness to begin with. Which is what I did.