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Melatonin: Fact or Fiction?


hey guys.
so for the last 6 months havent been sleeping good was thinking of trying melatonin?
does it really work or is it BS?
if so has anyone used it?
does it work?
how well does it work?



for me it worked, i took 3-5mg melotonin pill each night for 2 nights and it set my biological clock/circadium rhythm straight


It works. I've found with chronic use that it loses it's kick, so I don't use it every night.


I never noticed a damn thing on 5mg/night, but I am your typical "non-responder" when it comes to drugs or supplements.


Works. Making a habit of it was not a good idea though. I turn off all lights but a dim lamp 1 hour prior going to bed. This helps your body increase its own melatonin production.


It didn't work for me. I also read somewhere (Sleep Aids by M Foster Olive) that Melatonin isn't recommended.


From what I remember, it's better to use 1-2mg to begin with. Most people won't need 3mg. This is a case where you can take too much and get the opposite effect (insomnia).


Depending on what the spacific sleep issue is I would make a recommendation. If I am working with a client who is having trouble falling asleep, the first thing I do is add in Magnesium. If their inability to fall asleep due to racing thoughts or hypervigellance I would suggest Phosphatidyl Serine or Reishi Mushroom (which also inhibits ACE) extract.

Some other great things for sleep and unwinding are Melissa (the herb not the girl....although I certainly have known a few Melissas in my day who woulld be sure to get me in bed;) The amino acid Taurine increases glutamic acid decarboxylase, the enzyme responsible for GABA synthesis.Valerian also indues the release of GABA from the brain. As for the poster's question regarding Melatonin I would use ANY of the aformentioned suggestions before I used Melatonin. I only use Melatonin if I am travelling to a different timezone.


i think ill give it a try, but i wont use it everynight as a few of you said wasnt a good idea i just need something to just get my sleep pattern back in a normal rhythm instead of this up all night sleep during the day thing i got myself in to. ill be using a 3mg dose.

thanks for the replys ill post if it works for me :wink:



yes i have trouble getting off to sleep and on the nights when im lucky enough to get off to sleep at a reasonable time i wake up about 3-4 hours later and cant get back to sleep.
so for that you would recommend Phosphatidyl Serine or Reishi Mushroom?


The Stuff works and it gives me some bad ass dreams. I was riding a dragon and God came up to me and started singing foo fighters. It could have also been the acid I took but you never know these days...


I take 1-2 3 mg pills if I feel restless and need to get to sleep. Works for me, within 30 mins I'm pretty drowsy. I only do it on bad nights though, I wouldnt want to risk developing a tolerance with nightly use. I wouldnt be able to wake up without caffeine or fall asleep without melatonin lol...


Getting off to sleep and waking up (unless it is caused by hyprevigellance) is usually something different. In Chinese medicine there different Meridians and the time at which they repair (or or not repairing) would be an indication to your nuritional needs. For example, if you go to bed at 10 and wake between 11-1, that would probably be tied into reactive hypoclycimia....quick fix....eat some Turkey and a little bit of berries and greens. If you wake between 1-3 this coorelates with your liver meridian and indicates stress to your liver...fix your gut then detox your liver (see the article I wrote for information on how to do this), if 3-5 seems to be the problem...I would look to low antioxidants....be sure to eat a variety of dark berries, greens and switch from regular fish oil to Krill oil. Hope this helps.


That's pretty much me right now except I take Tylenol PM to sleep and during the day before training I take Spike...they get the job done so I can't complain.


I'd just like to congratulate you on having the most badass dream ever.


works. also great for jet lag. i only use it if my sleep schedule is screwy. might feel a bit sluggish for an hour or so when i wake up (nothing a cup of coffee can't fix).


You do not need more than 2-3 mg.

Don't take it for more than 5-7 days consecutively without taking at least 3 weeks off from it. Yes, it is addictive.


I am capitalizing because some people on here have reading comprehension issues.

If you want to sleep at 10 pm, take it around 9 pm and TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE. Do not watch TV or get on the computer. Do not get into an argument with someone or listen to music that would otherwise rile you up. Nothing that would "excite" you. Reading is a great activity. Keep your room slightly cool.

NO STIMULANTS WITHIN 8 HOURS OF YOUR DESIRED SLEEP TIME. That includes caffeine, nicotine, and anything else.

A trick I learned is to change your sleeping environment, if possible, for the first few nights you are on melatonin. I always sleep better when I'm tired AND in a different place (e.g. hotel, someone else's place).

It is a cognitive behavioral conditioning thing. Go sleep on the couch if it's comfortable or on the ground and in another room (again, if you can).


awesome photoshop lol.


Look into Poliquin's Yin-Yang stack, think it's detailed on here.


Works for me. It also causes very intense dreams for me too. I think that diphenhydramine is superior as a sleep aid, but everyone responds differently to different things.

That extent of insomnia sounds a whole lot like overtraining. A couple years ago I overtrained hardcore and ended up getting about 2 hours a night for about a month straight. When I massively decreased the volume and intensity of workouts sleep came smashing into me like a giant fluffy sheep... and gains actually increased...alot.