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Melatonin - Cycling


Ok Gang, question on melatonin. I remember a few weeks ago in a Cy article melatonin was talked about as a supplement to help prevent cancer. If I remember right, when taken regularly it prevents the body from producing melatonin naturally?

So should it be taken only a week in a row at night? I like it, because it helps me get some good rest, and with my work/dad schedule I workout around 6:00 PM, and try to get to sleep by 9.


Just bumping in case someone who knows about this, missed it.


I use it and I like it a lot. I've heard it will cause your body to stop producing it if used excessively but I don't think I've heard what "excessively" means. I just try to use it only when I need to hit the sack and I'm having difficulty. Try ZMA. It's cheap and helps you sleep as well.


Thanks Ace. I appreciate it.

I'll try to stick with the 1mg tabs, they seem to work well enough for me.