melatonin and zma?

Would it be bad to combine these together? I was planning on using melatonin to get me tired and zma to get me deep sleep? Of course I won’t do this all the time.

I’ve been doing this for a week now…one sub-lingual tablet of melatonin as I go to sleep after taking Biotest ZMA about an hour prior to that.

It works, but I noticed the effects more after the second & third days.

I have mild insomnia and Sleep Apnea, so for me it’s a pure joy to have found this combo.

Good luck!

I combine the two when I have to get to sleep and sleep soundly. I take ZMA every night but throw in some melatonin when I cant’s sleep but need to. Works like a champ!

That’s what I use!

I take two Biotest ZMA caps and one 3mg. Melatonin every night Sunday thru Thursday. I skip Friday and Saturday. I get a deep sleep with no interuptions and feel great in the morning. Have been doing this for about 5 mos. No ill effects.

the problem with supplementing with hormones is that you screw up your body’s natural production. Every once in a while with the melatonin would be cool, but not all the time.

What are the optimum times for taking them? Melatonin an hour before sleep and ZMA 30 minutes later? Or something like LittleJay?

And when’s the latest time that you should have your last meal of the day? An hour and a half before sleep, or more? (I, like many others, definitely can’t sleep on an empty stomach…)

morg, I’ve heard that argument before as it related to hormones in general, but nothing specific to melatonin. Do you have any sources that recommend cycling off?

And let me share with you what I’m thinking. Say a guy supplements with something that boosts T above normal levels, the body downregulates endogenous T production, thus the recommendation to cycle off.

But with melatonin, the body makes less and less with every year that goes by. Supplementing only brings an individual up to the levels of their youth, allowing them to get to sleep. It doesn’t cause the body to downregulate endogenous production of melatonin.

If I’m wrong, I’d appreciate someone jumping in and setting me straight. Any resident or amateur endocrinologists out there?

Without getting too much into it and turning this into a melatonin cycling thread (too late? heh): I searched all around the forums and pretty much EVERYONE says not to take melatonin continously…

Well, except for one person:

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:

Anyway, try melatonin. I took it for three years straight at one point in time with no problems. Good stuff. Don’t take it if it’s 1AM and you have to get up at 6AM though. It’ll still be “in your system” so to speak and you may feel groggy.[/quote]

(see thread: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION)


Good stuff. Anyone try adding Valerian Root or Tryptophan to this little stack?

Melatonin by itself gives me the most vivid dreams. It’s kind of scary. The Valerian Root seems to take care of that problem.

Dan “You are getting sleepy… sleepy” McVicker

I take ZMA and melatonin every night and I have never had any problems, and now I finally sleep all night. I love the stuff

I have taken melatonin every night for 5+ years and absolutely love the stuff. I had sleep problems since I was little and my life dramatically changed when I found melatonin. I can still fall asleep the nights I don’t take it, usually when I am traveling and forget to bring it, and I am never groggy in the morning. I noticed when I started taking ZMA that I would be out cold all night long, a very solid sleep. I love it!!


oh, and I just read a study that showed that men who took melatonin regularly lowered their blood pressure. nice!


I started taking Melatonin in the
early 90’s when I was travelling overseas 3 weeks out of 4 and I still take it every night. No ill effects and I think it has slowed my natural aging process.