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Melatonin and TMG

My second cousin who is in his 70’s is taking supplements for longevity, GH and Test paste, as well as general supplements.

His longevity doctor has him taking 18mg of melatonin per night. Comments?

He also is taking TMG for homoceisten levels. Said to help lower chances of arterial sclerosis. Comments?

Melatonin is very important for anyone beyond the late 30s.
Though I think 18mg might be a bit too high. 5-10 might
be more reasonable, IMHO. TMG is very important for anyone
of any age to lower homocysteine levels. This is especially
important for people who eat large quantities of protein
because protein increases homocycsteine. TMG reduces
homocysteine by increased remethylation and turns it into
SAMe. Elevated homocysteine levels have a very high
correlation with heart attack and cardiovascular disease.

Thanks for the info on homocysteine. I’m 48 and being careful. Just ordered a formulation with TMG, folic acid, and others. This board maintains the highest level of intelligent interaction of all the bodybulding boards. Thanks again for your help! Nick out.