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Melatonin and Drinking...


Hi, i take melatonin usually everynight just because i love getting adeep sleep, helps relax my muscles and everything. Ive been taking it for like... 2 weeks about, anyways, tonight theres a chance i might be drinkin with some friends, prolly getting drunk, but not tooo drunnk.. anyways, when i get home later on, would it be okay if i take a melatonin pill? i think maybe i may start sobering up by then so it should be alright? also if i consume a bunch of water before i go to bed also? please gimme your insight asap, so i can get ur insight before tonight. thanks.


I'm no expert, but I think there may be issues with continious use of melatonin in that it may shut your own production of melatonin down. I don't think the alcohol will have an effect though.