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Melatonin and Anti-Estrogen

I recently heard something about a connection between low melatonin levels and high estrogen. Has anyone heard anything about this?

Apparently, increasing estrogen in older people can be attributed to declining levels of melatonin in the body. Therefore, by supplimenting melatonin, one can decrease their levels of estrogen. What do you think T-Nation?

Melatonin or 5-methoxy-N-acetyltryptamine if you are a science geek has a role in the reduction of oestrogen production in the body. Reduced levels of melatonin, resulting from prolonged exposure to daylight can cause problems with melatonins role in oestrogen redution .

Production of melatonin by the pineal gland is inhibited by daylight and aided by darkness. So basically if you were made to sleep in daylight and the rest of the time you were in bright light your melatonin production would be low.

But there are further probs, Melatonin is also antioxidant which you need and besides the oestrogen regulation, reduced melatonin production will inhib secretion of luteinizing hormone and also (I think) follicle stimulating hormone from your anterior pituitary gland. Bad news all round huh !

Ummm, so melatonin supplementation is a good thing or may inhibit production and is a bad thing? I have a jar of 3 mg tabs by my bed right now.

english please is it an anti-estrogen or not?

Firstly there are better things to take as anti-oestrogens than melatonin. But that’s not for me to recommend or comment on really.(well maybe later)

Extended use will probably cause hormone imbalances in women as it effects progesterone as well.

As I said before it has a general role in reducing oestrogen in the body, how it does this is it reduces the amount of cellular receptors. It inhbits the activity of some types of cancer tumours for this reason, it complicated but there is a direct relationship between melatonins activity and inhibition of oestrogen response pathways.

Anyway it does aid in sleep, but thats pretty well known. Bodybuilding and particularly overtraining can reduce levels so supplementation may be beneficial. Disrupted sleep patterns may result in elevated oestrogen which melatonin may have a positive effect on.

‘Theoretically’ Clomid would be far more effective. It acts by blocking oestrogen receptors at the hypothalamus and pituitary in more specific manner.

Also some cruciferous vegetables contain indoles which has anti oestrogenic effects. Also reduce oestrogen by avoiding drinking tap water.

I’ve tried Melatonin a few times but am still trying to figure the ideal dosage out. I’ve got the 3mg tablets, howeve, they’ve not really seemed to do much for me. I upped it to 6mg the other night and didn’t notice much difference. I read somewhere that it is believed that less is actually more when it comes to the sleeping benefits and even reccomends cutting a 1mg table in half. I’ve also considered upping the dosage to 9mg. Is this safe?

when i traveled to australia, the doc said i could take as much as i wanted on the plane, but i dont think you need 9mg

i take 3mg a night(not always), but i found that the nature made brand i have seems to work better than the other brand i have

dont know why

but try a different bottle