Melanene in Protein Powder?

Has anybody heard anything about melanene (the stuff that killed the pets not too long ago) being in protein powder? I know some manufacturers get their protein from China and a buddy of mine was telling me that there were concerns about melanene being in protein powder.

I googled it and came up empty. I suppose to be on the safe side you could buy from companies whose products are made in the USA but even then, I don’t think that necessarily means they get all of their ingredients from the USA. Am I worried for no reason?

No idea, but it’s a scary thought considering that the news reported it has gotten into the human food supply.

For what it’s worth, I understand that in the case of the pet food the melamene was used to treat wheat gluten which usually isn’t in protein powder.

It’s melamine guys. Melamine.

[quote]BigRagoo wrote:
It’s melamine guys. Melamine. [/quote]

Thanks professor. That will help with the google searches. :slight_smile: