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Mel Gibson Making Film About Jewish Hero


Say what you will about the man but you can't dispute his talent and ability to make quality films.

I could care less but it would be interesting to hear what people on here think, especially the Jewish community on T-Nation.

EDIT: LOL can someone move this to GAL, I'm half asleep here!


Can't stand the man - in vino veritas. His father is a fruitcake too. Interesting choice of movie though. Maccabees 1 and 2 are part of the Septuagint and are canonical books of the Catholic and Orthodox church but not the Protestant denominations - so you won't find them in a Protestant bible like the King James.


Braveheart part Jew? looking forward to it.


He's like Arnold to me now...a great memory from my youth that is now a sad thing to look at.

Hell, Lethal Weapon 2 is on Cinemax as I speak.. (checking: it just finished) and damned if I don't love that movie, mostly because of him.


LMFAO @ the religious backlash. I take it that nobody remembers the controversy surrounding The Passion of the Christ?

The internet was buzzing with plans to boycott the movie, yet The Passion made Mel Gibson insanely rich..


I think he's trying to cover up hi previous actions.


Catholics love Judah Maccabee though Mel Gibson is a heretic and possibly is antisemitic.


he needs to stop doing religious themed movies.




Because they're not entertaining.


Possibly? That's like saying Obama possibly spent too much.


I have to agree that this shit is offensive to Jews. The man is clearly a known anti-Semite. No two ways about it.


<--- hears he's not too fond of dentists, either.




I keep reading this over and over and I can't see what you changed Dwarf.


fixed for eternal truth.


Mel Gibson? Jews? What could go wrong?

Gibson is clearly stuggling, and perhaps angry, with G-d, and hence his erratic behavior. People like that tend to lash out at Jewish people, for whatever reason, I presume the historical connection.

It doesn't help he was raised in a splinter group of/from the Roman Catholic Church that is profoundly antisemitic.

FWIW, the books of Macabees are not considered "cannonical" by most Jewish people, either, in that they do not purport to be divinely inspired, although they are basically undisputed historical accounts, cooborated by a number of other historians.

The Macabees are a great lesson on human governance. They started off great, and a generation or so later, degenerated into corruption, greed, isolated leadership apart from the people, and (shock) spending too much.

I think it would be difficult to make an anti-semitic movie out of the first generation, and rather easy to make one out of the later generations.

Be curious what part he will pick, or if he will attempt to span generations.


Can't stand Mel Gibson. His acting has always been so overly wrought and often self conscious - bordering on cliche.

After 'Gladiator' was released and it was reported that Gibson had been considered for the lead role, I thanked God that it went to Russel Crowe instead.

Oh, and 'Braveheart' is terribly overrated.

HOWEVER... aside from a couple of minor details, I think he did a brilliant job with "The Passion of the Christ". I was pleased he didn't decide to play the lead.


you shut your mouth when you're talking to me!!! :slight_smile:

Braveheart was/is amazing! Yeah gibson is a total douche bomber but that movie was bad ass!

come on ID... you can admit it was good. that doesnt mean you like Melly Mel (thats what I call him now)


Eh. It was not a bad film. Just terribly overrated - and over-acted (Gibson).
Plus, Gibson with face paint and long hair was inaccurate to what Wallace was to have really looked like.