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Meganewb (George Leeman) at 6'3


Most posters from 2006-2007 remember Meganewb. A 350 pound highschool kid dling and squating redickulose weight.

675 x 5 DLing

705 Squat rawdog

It looks like he changed his sights (and his diet!) and is bbing??

Crappy Posing at "6'3" 295"

George feel free to chime in.


If I was 6'3" 295 as a teen you better bet your ass my sights would be on the NFL. Let's see a chance for millions or a super strict lifestyle that you could always pick up later if shit don't work out. That's just me though.


The guy was fucking awesome, and eventually left the site because of how many moronic haters there were. Good for him... he's a monster.

I remember one time people started throwing a hissy fit because he knocked shit around before like an 800 DL or somethig like that. I'm not into it, but it obviously works for him. H8erz gonna h8.


He who cares least, wins.


George has one request:

"if you could post that professor x is the reason that iam as big/strong as iam, and that his posts over the years are the reason that i have been able to make the gains i have."


Awesome! Always wondered what happened to him.

Good to see he's wiping the floor with the critics.

Didn't he have a brother in a similar situation, too? How's he doing?


sweet jesus!..


You know, anyone talking shit about him still needs to stop. He bulked up...and gained way more than most of the people on this website and now, at an age most can't even lift a 225lbs barbell, is now bigger than people 20 years older than him.

In fact, after ten fucking years of this, I think it is safe to say if you are still acting like the bigger guys on this forum are clueless and that you don't need to train arms because an author told you to, you deserve what you get.

Everyone else is blowing the fuck up.

I'm happy for him even though I hope he isn't putting ALL focus into bodybuilding. That activity doesn't pay the bills like some of these guys might have you believe.


I care....just like I care that you are making progress beyond most people.

That's what this board is supposed to be about....not a bunch of jackasses crowded around trying to baby people who only want to train once a week.

Meganewb was hated on for years while only a teenager because he put on a shit load of weight fast and very early...and he wasn't lean when he did it.

fast forward 5 years and he outdid everyone who talked shit about him.


Yeah, I think most of us should care about that on a forum like this.


It also illustrates that even if you over do the food for a bit but you're still hitting progressively heavier weights consistently and gaining muscle, that after you 'recover', you're going to have a ton of muscle that you built.

He did something that younger folks, who seem to lift for teh chicks, are not likely to do-- he didn't worry about his ripped abs. He kept his eye on the goal.

So looking back a year or so ago, who gives a shit what he looked like? At worst, he can sit there and laugh and go "yeah, ha, I looked like shit, but I'm lookin bad ass now!"


Actually, I was more referring to caring about criticism...it was meant as a compliment to George. He didn't give a shit about the people telling him how nasty and fat he was, being negative, etc, but as you said...look where he is now. That's my kind of man.


Cool - he's looking good.

Always thought he was a pretty cool kid. Glad to see he's doing well.


I've been saying that...but all I heard for years was that I was obese and trying to make everyone else fat as hell.

Holymack isn't fat whether all abs are showing or not. I'm not fat even though I know it is time to lean down.

If your goal is to look DRASTICALLY different than when you first started, most guys simply need to accept that there will be some "softer" periods in their future unless they have amazing genetics that allow them to stay lean no matter what.

Chances are, the guys fighting that notion are either nowhere near big...or they are big guys who conveniently forgot how they got big themselves.

...oh, and Steely, you've made decent progress as well.


This guy is badass.I tried a search on meganewb and didnt find anything.Did he used to post much here?What age was he when he started this bulk?Bulking ftw!


I think he was banned...more than once. I am not sure what for (probably for being a kid and acting like one). He always trained hard but he also talked a lot when he probably shouldn't have.

He was also one of the youngest here at the time so I never really held that against him.


I do not belong to the 'amazing lean genetics club'. No way I could have made the size/strength gains I have in the past few years without adding some fat. Not to say I haven't made mistakes or over done it, but it's hard for me to stay lean when I'm dieting, let alone when trying to add size. Plus, being somewhat older than the teens/20-somethings, I don't have the luxury of 'time', so fast-track methods work for me.

Meganewb (George) decided to take the fast track too, and he took advantage of his genetics potential to be a big, big kid-- and he HAS the luxury of time. He'll do well in this game in the long run-- because it's a long-run type of game.

This is a huge compliment coming from you- thank you, especially as much as you lament that only a few people have made progress on these boards!

Yeah, I can stand to cut, oh, 40 pounds, but a few things work in my advantage.

  • I look like I lift weights while clothed.
  • My wife digs the bigger look and loves "Little D" whether I have abs or not
  • My asthetic is second to weight and strength progression right now --- years to build, weeks to cut.

Seems simple in that regard. Meganewb and a bunch of other big dudes get it. If it works for them then why should anyone judge?


Because judging others is what people do - especially on the Internet. Lol...

People seek validation of their ideas and methods. When they don't get it, the most obvious thing to attack is any counter point of view. Extra points if it's effective, because that really pisses them off and is a shot at their meager self-worth.


Glad he's still around and involved with lifting. If I remember right several of his lifts would've been national or world records if he chose to compete. Kid is strong as an ox and a nice guy to boot.


Meganewb was never criticized for the weight he lifts, he was criticized for being OBESE. He did not go through a "softer period" or "bulk up", he was QUICKLY APPROACHING 400LBS.

Yes I do agree that it's a poor idea to try maintaining ab definition while putting on lots of muscle, but you can't use this guy as example of the "right" way to do things... just because he's finally cleaned up.


All you've ever done is judge me...

Don't act like your any different than the haters that drove this kid away.