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Megadosing Minerals

I have trouble taking mineral supplementation because metals often interfere with medication absorption. I know the body can store reserves of minerals. I read somewhere it’s possible to do this prior to an event like a marathon, with the theory being similar to carb loading (not sure if it’s true). Would it be possible to dose with supplemental potassium, magnesium, and calcium once every other day to once per week?

If so, what would be appropriate doses? Is there a risk of overdose and toxicity? Is mineral supplementation liver stressful?

Also, I am the type of person which requires electrolyte supplementation even with a complete diet.

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cool went and got some potassium plus 99 and magnesium 250 from gnc this morning. i wont have another arm day for a few days but hopefully this will help[/quote]

I’d be careful supplementing with potassium regularly. more =/= better. when I get a patient with a high serum potassium I worry about his/her heart stopping at any minute.

stretching post workout should help considerably, and maybe add some foam rolling.[/quote]

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Supplemental minerals are tricky. As Mr. Serafini said, don’t take potassium. FAR too many people have died from messing with this. A balanced diet gives you all you need. As for Magnesium and Calcium, supplemental may help athletic performance. Over 100% daily value (supplementally) is NOT recommended though. Many minerals are of use, but you have to know the best way to get them to maximize their usefulness.