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Megadosing Fishoil for Fat Loss


i know this has been covered but i couldnt find an answer in the search - Im looking at megadosing some fish-oil to help kick along my fat-loss & help with inflammation from a back injury - how long shall i megadose for?


never. megadosing fish oil is a waste of money


What amount do you mean by megadose?


30-45g p/day as per Poliquin's original article...


i've done it plenty of times during particularly intense phases and noticed a tremendous improvement in my joints. not so much in terms of fat loss, but definately in the joints. i usually work up to 30g per day for about 3 to 4 weeks and then work back down to about 5-10g. seems to work great for me.


I hear tons of real life, anecdotal evidence in favor of doing it, but i've never read any scientific data for more than say 6g. tough call i guess, but maybe worth a try?


You have to remember that fish oil is not like a fat burner. It improves fat loss in the long term through improved insulin sensitivity and thus better partitioning of calories. Some people do well with megadosing their fish oil intake while others just feel like they're literally dumping fish oil poo (i.e. useless).


I thought that the effects are not more then lower doses. Rather it gets your body up to the required concentration of fats faster then the 6g/day protocol. So that you can experience the full effects earlier.

Give it a go, it won't kill you and apart from a little money it won't drive you broke either. The benefits might be worth the extra cost.